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We are slowly adding all of our free Speech & Language Therapy resources for visitors to download. Keep checking back!!

Speech Sounds

Click here to access our free Speech Sound Intervention resources.

Social stories

Social stories were developed by Gray, C (1991). These are a collection of stories used by Chris. download: Social Stories (607.25KB)
added: 28/02/2013
clicks: 2288
description: Examples written by Chris back in 2007-08

The stages of speech and language development

An excellent guide produced by Ican and BT. download: SLT Development (280.93KB)
added: 28/02/2013
clicks: 2525
description: Stages of Speech & Language Development

Our free Colourful Semantics resources

We have provided printable Colourful Semantics resources  since 2009. In February 2013 we began to measure just how many of our free packs were downloaded and we’re surprised to find that 10,000 copies of these were downloaded in 10 months! To find out more about our Colourful Semantics app click here. download: Colourful Semantics (612.68KB)
added: 28/02/2013
clicks: 12251
description: download: Colourful Semantics - Easy Print Version (1.26MB)
added: 28/02/2013
clicks: 6451

Teaching grammar to school-aged children with specific language impairment using Shape Coding

Interesting article by Ebbels (2007) on Shape Coding. download: Shape Coding Article (603.97KB)
added: 28/02/2013
clicks: 4462

Inclusive Technology – Switch Road Map

Inclusive Technology Switch Progression Road Map, written by Special Projects Manager Ian Bean. download: Switch Progression (990.80KB)
added: 28/02/2013
clicks: 1110

Easy Read Mental Health Questionnaire download: Easy Read Mental Health Questionnaire (567.5KB)
added: 01/03/2013
clicks: 566
description: An easy read questionnaire which Chris wrote for young people admitted under the Mental Health Act (1983)

Your Rights Under Section 2 download: Your Rights Under Section 2 (221.76KB)
added: 01/03/2013
clicks: 490
description: An Easy Read booklet Chris wrote for adolescents detained under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act (1983) including a short questionnaire to test understanding of their rights