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Speech & language therapy for children

Speech & language therapy for children, adolescents and adults.

We focus on an effective, fun and flexible approach to speech & language therapy for children, adolescents and adults throughout the UK ....

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An integrated approach to speech & language therapy in schools

An integrated approach to speech & language therapy in schools.

We are providers of an integrated approach to speech & language therapy in mainstream schools; special schools and resource bases ....

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Speech & language therapy for people living outside the UK

International speech & language therapy for people living outside the United Kingdom.

Not every country has services like speech & language therapy. We provide speech & language therapy internationally ....

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Colourful Semantics - the most downloaded speech therapy app

Colourful Semantics - one of the most downloaded speech therapy apps on iTunes.

We developed & created the fun, effective and exciting Colourful Semantics mobile application to help a child's development ....

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From the mother of a child with Autism, South Wales

Of all the journey's we as a family have started, speech therapy is the most emotional and rewarding so far. My name is Becci and I have Aspergers, so this was never going to be easy. My son Kian is three, he has ASD and is non verbal. My mum was already concerned that I have taken literally many things said to me by different ones who have not taken my own autism into consideration when advising me on speech therapy for Kian. So when mum said she had heard about a speech therapist called Chris Wade, it caused anxiety for me. I should not have worried. Chris is always mindful of my own issues, and with this in hand, he has worked wonders with Kian in just a few short weeks.

The first time he came he introduced himself to me and my husband Dean then he plonked himself down on the floor and Kian was immediately his best buddy. Chris connects with people, adults and kids. He is kind and listens to the individual needs of people. But he is no pushover. He warns this is going to be hard and sometimes will turn everything on its head. Well it is intense there is no doubt about that, but in five short weeks Kian has learned to use his PECS cards. He is also using Makaton to sign "more " and "thank you".

Chris gave Dean and I the confidence and tools to go forward.

We thought. Kian was too young. Chris wasn't having any negativity and he is right. We had our way forward positively proved when on Kians birthday, his Auntie Sarah brought him a minions helium balloon. His laughter said it all as he clapped his hands. But while we were in another room the balloon floated out of Kian's reach. From the kitchen we heard Sarah, "OMG" we ran in to the lounge to find an emotional Auntie experiencing Kian communicating with her for the first time. He had gone to his board, picked off the balloons pecs card and taken it to her. Now if that is not progress, what is. Since then and only five days on he has picked up how to say "I want". He does this by taking the "I want" card from his board and placing it on a mobile strip, he than adds what he wants, i.e balloons, bubbles, play. He takes it to Mummy or Daddy. He is talking to us. So what can I say. Chris Wade you rock.

This mother recently moved to London from Australia ...

We recently moved to London from Australia and have only been working with Chris for a short period of time. That being said, I have thus far been very happy with the work that Chris has done with my four year-old son. My son, who can be shy with strangers and difficult to bring to task, took to Chris immediately and has already shown progress. Chris was able to quickly recognize strategies that would both encourage and motivate my son. He has also managed to keep sessions fun in order to keep an active little boy's attention. My son looks forward to his time spent with Chris each week, and I feel confident that his sessions with Chris are helping him progress.

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